Al Roker's Stress-Busting Caregiving Caravan


Al Roker's Stress-Busting Caregiving Caravan

autotram-884308_640(Editor's Note: This is the first blog post in a series called Imagine during which I explore what could be when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent tracks family caregiver stress and its source.)


What if...

Each week, after Al Roker delivers the weather report on the Today show, he then points to another map featuring green, yellow, orange and red dots across the country.

"We're targeting three communities this week," Al says. "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, family caregiver stress is peaking in Columbus, Ohio; Houston, Texas; and Crandon, Wisconsin. We've got our Stress-Busting Caregiving Caravan heading to those communities right now."

Al briefly thanks the sponsors (incontinence supplier, senior housing provider, home health provider and durable medical equipment supplier) which make the Stress-Busting Caregiving Caravan possible. He then addresses residents of Columbus, Houston and Crandon:

"If you're tired and overwhelmed as you care for a family member or friend, help is on the way. If you need incontinence, medical and diabetic supplies, be sure to pick up free supplies at your local library's parking lot on Saturday. If you want to learn about services that can help, be sure to visit your Caregiving Fair at the local library on Saturday.  You can meet with Certified Caregiving Consultants™ as well as doctors and nurses from the CDC who can answer your questions about providing care. Doctors and nurses also are available for blood draws and lab work. Be sure to pick up a voucher for free respite care to use whenever you need. If you need an immediate break, call 1-800-Time-Out and request a volunteer to spend four hours with your family member this weekend. If you need a longer break, request an overnight volunteer who stays with your family member while you check into a local hotel for a free night away. Contact your local library for more details about any of the events happening this weekend.

"And, now here's a look at the weather outside your window."

Imagine a Stress-Busting Caregiving Caravan pulling into your community with real help and support. What if help arrived in your backyard.

Maybe it sounds far-fetched. Perhaps it seems impossible.

But we have to try to make this dream a reality.

You can help:

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Lillie Fuller

I signed the petition long ago and I'm ready for the caravan! I've got out the Welcome Matt!


Hi Vicki--Next week, I'll announce more ways to get involved that should only take a minute. :)