All Temporary


All Temporary

So many changes in our household these last few weeks and days, I don't know where to begin. They are happy changes to be sure, but still, adjustments of any kind are hard for those with brain injury. When you can't remember where you put things, it's easier to put things back in the same place every time. (Dean even hangs my hand towel a certain way when I neglect to do so.) When you can't remember times for events, it helps when everything happens on schedule. (We even have a "day of the week" clock--yes, you can buy them.)

All this came to a halt when our granddaughter started "visiting" us every day. She's only three years old, so yes, it's more like a babysitting situation than a visit, but to grandma it feels like a visit. Our daughter had to go back to work, so we have the privilege of watching the youngest one while she works.

teresa_bathroom you can see some of what I had to clear off the bathroom counter!

We were adjusting to Julia coming over every day, when it was time to start remodeling our bathroom to install a walk-in shower and make it more accessible for Dean. We've known for weeks it was coming, but had no idea the "change" it would entail for us, and it looks like it will be for at least another week. They have to put in a wider door, knock out some of the wall, and put in a whole new floor, let alone a ceiling exhaust fan system.

But I have to say that the construction company has been doing their best to  make sure we have as much use of the rest of our little house as possible, including keeping down the dust factor, since I have pulmonary problems. They clean up after themselves at the end of the day and have been more than accommodating to all our requests.

Dean has been handling it quite well so far. But I was glad he was gone to his adult day program Thursday when the contractors asked if I could remove all the toiletry items from our bathroom counter. I just threw them all in some plastic grocery bags and deposited them where I thought we would be using them around the house. He had a bedside sponge bath yesterday. Yep, another change for him. But he dealt with it like a champ.

Knowing it's just temporary helps us both adjust. The bathroom will be completed and we'll soon enjoy a whole new look there. (I'm keeping the same color of walls though--even I appreciate a little familiarity.)

Even the babysitting gig is just temporary. She'll be old enough for kindergarten like her sister some day before we know it.

I guess this strategy works for whatever is going on in our lives. Even at it's worst, we can have hope in a future where there'll be no more death, no more pain, change, or adjustments. As the song says, "This world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through..." It's all temporary, when you think about it, compared to eternity. (P. S. I'm counting on a dust-free environment there too.)



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