All The Feelings


All The Feelings

The 2 and a half weeks since Mom's stroke have been intensely emotional for me. Above all, I'm grieving what we've lost - her presence in my home, the things we were still able to enjoy doing together, and her cognition level pre-stroke. And I'm overwhelmed with sympathy for her, how hard this has all been and confusing and upsetting. And on top of that, the worry and intense anxiety about making decisions, and the stress of taking care of so many details and worrying about the finances, how long her money will last and what we'll do when it runs out.

On Friday night Mom was released from the hospital and moved into an assisted living community near my home. I've spent a lot of time there over the weekend, though tried to force myself to spend some time away so that she has a chance to get used to the new environment and learn how to get the help she needs. The staff there are extremely kind and friendly, but they have a lot to do. Her short term memory is shorter than ever. I worry that she'll attempt to get out of recliner and go to the bathroom herself and fall.

She's been disoriented and confused ever since the hospital. She is still asking where she is and when she can go home. I know it will take a long time. I say something like, "Right now the doctor says you need to be here till you recover." I don't know the best way to answer. She doesn't remember what I say, so I just need an answer for the moment.

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Really like that you answer for the's those kinds of things that will help keep you \"sane\" . You are really helping your mom, balancing that time away-letting her adjust but being there still to keep her going.


I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing the pain of this journey and the love that we feel for our caree. It is not easy and the grief is so tough. Hang in there and thanks for loving your mom and sharing that emotion with us.