All Went Well


All Went Well

washington-dc-572953_640All went well with my parents during my trip to Washington, DC.

A sister spent the morning with my parents on Wednesday, arriving soon after I left. She met the nurse, ran an errand and kept everything moving along. My other sister helped out on Thursday, spending time with my dad so my mom could attend a luncheon. My mom loved her break and her chance to see friends and relax for a few hours.

I arrived home last night to my dad siting comfortably in front of the TV, shaved and showered. I barely said "hello" before he gave me a full report on all that had happened while I was gone. He had toast, soup and noodles, which he kept down. He's drinking what he can but decided he needs to also nibble on something. He thought a granola bar would be good, then decided crackers would be nice and then finally decided cookies--sugar cookies--would be just the ticket. When my mom joined our conversation, he shared the news that he would really enjoy nibbling on cookies as he drank his fluids.

He also asked if I had looked into suspenders for him. He had asked me in the hospital to look at suspenders for him because he feels he will be more comfortable wearing suspenders with his bag. I had completely forgotten although he always remembers his directives. I just did a search this morning for suspenders so we'll see what he likes.

My trip went well; I'll write more about our meeting about caregiving and technology next week. I enjoyed the break--I took a walk around Georgetown on Wednesday afternoon and went to bed early.  My mom and sister sent me text messages with updates so I felt connected.

I think we're settling into our new routine.

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Oh, your dad sounds so cute telling you about what he ate, etc. And the suspender thing... my dad was always good at \"directing\" and following up! LOL. It seems you all had a sigh of relief...

Lillie Fuller

Sounds like everything is going good. I think I would have settled for sugar cookies also! Good choice Dad! I'm glad you got away for a bit. I hope you were able to relax!