Always Chasing Rainbows


Always Chasing Rainbows

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After reading "Morning Musings…” by Pegi (@worriedwife), I'm convinced that there are no accidents in this world. Certainly not in this community of caregivers that I now call friends. I'm trying not to quote @worriedwife and I'm having trouble because I agree with so much of what she said.

My mind races so much and I can't sleep at night a lot due to stress. I wake up and turn my computer on and have to say, Okay, that can wait until after breakfast! Then I invariably blog about something or post my three positives. Another friend today reminded me that we are all love in God's eyes (@rainbow).

I know in my chasing rainbows, I ran to the city to get medicine and ran back because I couldn't handle going to the museum as I was too tired. Said I'd rest but here I am . . . talking to my friends and replying to messages.

I wonder how many of us feel a sense of 'good obligation' to this community? I wonder how many of us rely on it almost to a detriment that we don't listen to what we preach (e.g. my need to rest )? I wonder how many of us are Chasing Tigers. I wonder how much we have in common that it becomes magic.

My Ffather just walked in and offered help in my SSI disability claim and he is being nice so Chasing Tigers becomes a Rainbow. My Mother's hands are beginning to shake like my Grandfather's, which makes me shake because my maternal Grandfather had Parkinson's. I wonder how many of us are chasing that rainbow that is right in front of us: ourselves. Bless Our Hearts.

Keep Growing. Keep Nurturing. Keep Chasing Rainbows and Tigers.



English: Rainbows over Colesbourne English: Rainbows over Colesbourne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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