Am I Failing?


Am I Failing?

light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-300x300I am having a rough time right now. Last week was so hard. We had so many appointments out of town. I never had time to sit down or even breath. Well, I guess I had time to breath. One of my WAIT buddies told me to just take five minutes for myself.  This really helped so thank you.  Anyways on Thursday I actually had an appointment for me. These are few and far between. I wish that my state was more into helping caregivers to get health care they need.

Anyway, I was at my appointment and it went good. I got out of the appointment and my mom and dad were in the waiting room.  My dad did not look good at all. So I go to him and ask " Dad are you okay?"  He said no my chest hurts. So I suggest that we go across the street to same day care at the clinic.

So I get him there and they start doing tests and gave him a nitro and this helps so it is the heart. So they continue to do tests. The triage room is right next to the cardio room. I here the nurse say a name and I was like that better not be my mom. Yep you guessed it it was. She too was having chest pains. So they did blood work on her and they decided that because she just had a stent in that they had to put her in hospital. So she was in the hospital from Thursday to Saturday. They did a stress test and it was okay. Thank God.  So they let her out.

At same day care they had said Dad had a UTI (the same one that we have been fighting since october) and a lung infection. Well as we are getting Mom out of hospital Dad is really struggling to breath and is turning bright red. I ask what is wrong. It is his chest again. So this time we take him to ER and they though it was PE but I came back ok. They think he may have MRSA in his lungs and it is making him real sick.

So we all get back home. No one is in the hospital and my uncle whom I think has serious mental problems gives us an evicition notice again.  So this time I am not staying. I getting out and having nothing to do with him again. I am completely exhausted and can't stop for air.

Where is my light at the end of the tunnel? If you see it, please send it my way.

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I agree with Denise and Pegi -- you are running an obstacle course that sprouts land mines. I am thankful you were able to get that appointment for yourself in the midst of such a stressful, terrible week. I pray you get more moments of respite and rejuvenation.


Oh, Amy, what a horrible, stressful week. \r\n\r\nYou are not failing. You are there for your parents every day. Your presence means you are a winner. You could quit--and yet you continue. \r\n\r\nWhat are you thinking about in terms of where you'll move?\r\n\r\nAnd, how is everyone feeling today?