An Anniversary and a Tribute


An Anniversary and a Tribute

A memorial tattoo for my Grandpa. A memorial tattoo for my Grandpa.

Yesterday marked a year since my beautiful Grandpa passed away.

It just doesn't seem possible that its been a year, I thinks it's because I think of him so often not an hour goes by without me thinking of him. I love my Grandpa very much and know his spirit is near and that helps me get through each day.

The picture I included is of my tattoo I got in memory of my Grandpa. The flowers are pansies, his favorite, the butterfly represents a dream he had in which he brought home green and yellow butterflies just for me and the words "Goodnight Grandpa I love you" are something I said to him every night as far back as I can remember.

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Has it really been a whole year already? How beautiful -- and beautifully imbued with meaning.


Your tattoo is fantastic, Yolanda!!! It truly is a beautiful tribute.


The days, months and years -- in grief -- always seem distorted. What a wonderful tattoo to carry the memories visually.