An ID Badge Just for You


An ID Badge Just for You

caregiver-badge-with-logoOn Saturday, we had our first chat for men in a caregiving role. Richard (@kreisler) and Chris (@thpurplejacket) joined for a really interesting discussion. At one point, I asked Richard if health care professionals often overlook his role as his mom's family caregiver. Yep, he said.

So, @ejourneys, who lurked during our chat (lurking means you're simply reading the content of an online conversation), got to thinking. And, her thinking led to the creation of a badge you wear which identifies you as the primary family caregiver for your caree. The badge includes areas for you to insert your name and your caree's name.

The badge fits standard-sized badge holders. Just download your badge below, print it out, cut out and fill in the badge, and place it with your choice of badge holder (pin, lanyard, etc.). Wear your badge in any setting that you want others to know you are the primary caregiver for your caree.

Because you are the most critical member of your caree's health care team, you need your own badge.

I've also posted the badge in our National group so it's a readily available resource. Thanks so much @ejourneys for such a great idea!

Download your Caregiver Badge.

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Ahhhh... Sounds like they're reacting to the lawsuit. That's too bad. The institution becomes hyper-vigilant, which complicates it for everyone.


Wow. Obviously I had no idea.\r\nI just checked the POA I have. It has a \"COPY\" stamp and shows the stamp of the notary public. No court seal. It has never been rejected.\r\n\r\nI actually haven't tried wearing the badge yet because I have always been accepted outright as my partner's caregiver. I am so sorry for the trouble the doctor's office has given you. I hope a HIPAA expert can help straighten things out.


Downloaded yesterday printed filledout and had on at mom's doctors appointment today. I was told by the staff at the doctors that I had to take off our they could not work with me as they consider it a HIPPA violation for me to have the person's name displayed that I care for. They recomeded that insted of the primary caregiver for Name to put Primary family caregiver or family care provider with no name of the patient. I talked with the leagel officer for the institution and he stated there have been several law suits filed because a patients name was displayed by someone other than the client and that if they allow someone to display a patients name other than the patient themself that they are contributing to a violation and are thus also guilty so will not allow it to be warn on their property. What do thers think of this.\r\n\r\nLarry