An Update Before We Leave for the Hospital


An Update Before We Leave for the Hospital

emergency_room_591I must beg your forgiveness, I have been SO lax in keeping up with keeping you all informed.

Thank you for all of the prayers, we have felt them! Things have not been going well. Mom is getting worse and worse as we go along. I have been begging the doctor's office to send a nurse to draw blood and they say they will at the end of the month. They keep telling me I need to get her into the hospital but they and I can't find a hospital who would take her for this duration (that the VA will pay for...the VA hospital won't even take her). They could do blood work if I took her to the clinic (which I can't) but if I want a nurse to come to the house, we have to wait.

I expressed my deep concerns with waiting and my fear that if something bad is happening inside and we are waiting that she might die. The nurse told me that is highly possible. He said he has worked in detox facilities before and has seen things go downhill very quickly. He said he knows I would feel awful if she died while in my care all because I wouldn't take her to a clinic and I wanted to do this all by myself. Once again I reiterated that I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS BY MYSELF BUT I HAVE BEEN LEFT NO OTHER CHOICE.  After I said that maybe five times, he kinda sort of got it. I hope.

He said he would call back the next day if he could find a place for me to take her. He didn't call back, big surprise. I expressed to Mom my deep concerns for heart attack and stroke (her vitals are creeping higher) and she has agreed for me to take her to the local hospital. She is having SEVERE stomach pain that is getting worse along with a crushing headache that hasn't gone away for a month. Her doctor finally called and said I need to just take her to the ER and hope that they will admit her. I am praying they will!

I have told her that I will be taking her and she says okay but I know once I start packing the bags in the car, there will be a fight, which is normal. It is "well maybe we can go later, or maybe we can go tomorrow or the next day, or maybe I am feeling a bit better and I don't want to waste the money to go, or I don't feel well enough to go."

Whatever is said, I will be taking her. I would hate to wake from a nap only to find her dead from a heart attack or stroke. I am praying we can stay here in town. I don't want them to transfer her to Vegas over 1 1/2 hrs away. I don't want to be driving the mountain pass twice daily to take care of our home, cat, fish, mail etc and then driving back to be with her. And I WON'T leave her there by herself--bad things happen!

So please continue to pray for us during this transition period, that they will allow us to stay  here in town and that they will be able to help us through this detox with maybe some meds to not make the withdrawal so bad and to help with the symptoms. Please pray that I will keep my sanity and not be snappy at people who are genuinely trying to help (it is hard to not be cynical at times and think that every single person doesn't care).

Thank you so much for being here for us even though I have not been good at keeping up with you all. Thank you for being our support team and always here for us!


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Glad to hear from you but sad to hear about what you both are going through. Hopefully by now she is getting the help she needs and you are feeling more confident about her condition and your excellent care. Please do keep us informed, we have never forgotten either of you.


I have not stopped thinking of you and your mom, LH, and I'm SO sorry to hear how bad it's gotten. Like Denise said, I hope you get what you need at the hospital. That nurse with his comment! I hope he really did finally hear you.


I'm glad to read your update but sorry that things are so difficult right now. Like Denise, I hope the hospital has some solutions for you and your mother. Hang in there.


Oh, LH, I sooo hope you both get what you need at the hospital.\r\n\r\nI'm thinking of you and your mom. \r\n\r\nKeep us posted as you can.