An Update on the Care Meeting and Weekend Events


An Update on the Care Meeting and Weekend Events


Last Friday we had the care meeting for my mother. This was a large multi-discipline meeting. Thanks to Denise (@denise) and Kathy (@kathy) who gave me some good tips in the chat on the Wednesday afternoon before the meeting I was well prepared, though the meeting did not happen exactly as I expected.

Most of her doctors are at the main clinic about eight miles form the dialysis center and the meeting was at the dialysis center during her dialysis. Present at the Dialysis Center was my mother, myself, the dialysis social worker, her dietitian, her dialysis nurse case manager, one of the lead dialysis techs, her nephrology doctor. By interactive video conference (I did not know about this I thought all these people were going to be at the dialysis center.) from the main clinic were: her diabetic nurse educator, her endocrinologist, her sleep center doctor, her internal medicine doctor, her cardiologist, and her gastroenterologist. There was also a phone conversations with her chiropractor (private practice, not at the facility), her nurse coordinator for transplant (from university hospital about two hours away), her durable home medical equipment supplier (about maintenance on her cpap), and her dentist who’s practice is about one hour from the dialysis center (closest dentist that takes MA). Her ophthalmologist has submitted a report as he is out of the office at continuing education. We also set up a meeting with the third party payee to do my paperwork for taxes and regulatory paperwork for getting paid to be her caregiver.

The main goal of this meeting was to get my charting together that is required for me to be paid. What I was doing they considered logging rather than charting. I am still working on creating forms or downloading forms to help record the information in the manner they want. Basically what they are looking for is each type of interaction to have its own sheet to record its information on. One form for vitals check, one form for medication administration, one form for recording assisting with activities of daily living, one form for input and output, etc. The individual sheet should have just one day's information on it. These sheets will be organized by day in a ring binder with a tab per day, one ring binder per month, one year of ring binders kept in paper copy with prior kept in an electronic format. The social worker has provided me with a program for doing the computerized recording of the records (hospital proprietary program). The computerized records will be uploaded to her medical record. The goal will be to record the information on the computer at least once per week.

The agencies that pay for the care will be providing the initial set of binders and tabs and I will be given a monthly allotment for printing for the charting sheets. With the help of the social worker we will be taking my log and converting the information to the charting sheets for the last three months to have the history necessary to qualify to be paid for caring for her. I was also issued an ID card by the social worker as a family caregiver. The ID has my picture on it with the letters FCG down the right side next to the picture, my name under the picture with my first name in larger type than my last name, and the title Family Care Giver under my name in the larger type like my first name. This is the same format used for the ID cards for staff at the facility with the exception that the faculty logo is left off on the top and instead of being a hard plastic card with magnetic strip as the employees are mine is made on a business card and laminated in a luggage tag pouch with an ID clip on it. Also when I sign the charts not only can I use my PCW (Personal Care Worker), I am to use FCG (Family Care Giver).

This weekend will be a fun but busy weekend for me. Saturday is the Maple Leaf Parade for our local Oktoberfest. I will need to have the daily care for my friend that I care for by 5:30 a.m. and head for the parade route as to get into the parking that we use. We need to be in before they close the route at 6:30 a.m. for the run that happens on the course before the parade. We will be able to sit to watch the parade about 20 feet from the car and about 50 feet from a set of handicapped port-a-john bank. (Privet property owned by a local grocery store that opens the area for handicapped viewing and seating.) I will take my mother in the car with me. My friend will be brought to a spot about three blocks away at 9:00 AM with his motorized wheelchair Parade begins at 10:00 AM about 1 mile from where we sit. My friend will bring himself up by my mother and myself. If we were to use the handicapped parking that is available for the parade it would be where my friend is dropped off and we would be about two blocks from the car at the closest point and the handicapped port-a-john bank would be about one block away.

In the car we will have all the medical supplies we may need for both of them as well as the large cooler with food and water for the parade. We do keep a backpack of quick needed supplies and a small cooler with some water and food by us but keep extra supplies in the car. We also have access to the grocery store with full deli including hot case and a pizza shop. This will be the third year that we have been doing this at the same location. The only issue I see this year is they are predicting rain and I do not know how my friend's power wheelchair will handle it as we will need to bag his controls as they are not waterproof per the chair supplier. Our plan for that is a large clear garbage bag over the controls and back the arm taping it around the arm folding it down the post for the arm and taping around it there.  Sunday afternoon we plan to go to the fest grounds for some of the music. I will take Mom in the car, our friend will bring himself down on his power wheelchair as it is about one mile from his residence. Again we will have supplies in the car, and a backpack of essential supplies. We are unable to take food and drink into the grounds as they are available for sale there and do not allow carry-inns.

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The id came in handy Thursday at the doctor's office I will explain more in my next blog post on approximately the 16th.


Hi Larry--I apologize I'm slow with my comment--I've been traveling this week. \r\n\r\nYour care meeting sounds awesome. It sounds like you've got lots of support and lots of people who want you to do well. I have to say--I'm really impressed. I love that you received an ID, which solidifies your place on the care team. \r\n\r\nHow is the charting going? Do you feel like you have what you need now?\r\n\r\nTomorrow sounds like so much fun. I sooo hope you have good weather.