And the Award Goes to...


And the Award Goes to...

an award’s ceremony. The dance show that our Christian hip hop dance team produced this past year had been nominated for Best Event of the Year. And much to our surprise, WE WON!!

It surprised me how much I missed my grandma, and how much she missed me. The morning that I arrived, I followed my mom into her bedroom. Not realizing I had gotten home, the look on Grandma's face was priceless. “Denine!” she exclaimed with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

My mom and brother did great. My brother was actually alone with grandma for the first day and a half. The last thing I told him before I left was something like, "You'll be fine. What can go wrong?" Famous last words! He was definitely initiated into "Grandma-Care" after dealing with diarrhea and getting my morning-hater grandma up to go to the doctor's. HE deserves an award!

Anyway, I will miss the Dominican Republic, but I know that I’m exactly where I need to be. 

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Hi Denine--Congrats to you!! I'm so glad you could go. And, so glad everyone did okay while you were gone. It's kinda nice they had a taste (so to speak) of your day. :)


Congratulations to you Denine and for trusting your family with Grandma's care! What a wonderful reason to get away and to realize how much you are missed must have been delightful! May you continue to find ways to get away a little at a time :)


Congratulations Denine! And it sounds like your short vacation was just what YOU needed too. Made me smile!


Welcome home, Denine, and congratulations to the group on your award! That was a fabulous job your family did (Kudos to your brother!), and a terrific greeting from Grandma.