And the Journey Continues


And the Journey Continues

Well, it is day 54, almost 55 of hubby's hospital journey. He has been out of ICU for several weeks now, which is a good thing.  We changed hospitals to an LTAC on December 15 and things seemed to actually be going well.

Mark was anxious to get out of bed, sit in the chair, walk in the halls, and get stronger. They started talking about discharge planning and thought we might actually be home this week or next. Not to be so... On Wednesday evening there seemed to be a regression of sorts in his condition. Mark started having severe headaches (in the area affected by the meningitis) and fevers, and horrible chills, and extreme fatigue.

This started while ON two IV antibiotics for pneumonia. How discouraging for my guy as he sat in bed and just cried. I tried to tell him this was just a "hiccup" and we will get through it just like any other. His headaches and fevers have continued. A chest x-ray on Saturday still shows some pneumonia in his right lung. Today he had an MRI of his brain done, but no results probably until tomorrow. Tomorrow he will go down for another spinal tap and to have a PICC line reinserted (they had removed his other one before transfer...). They have changed over his IV antibiotics to two stronger ones and added an antifungal medication as well.

Tonight he looked at me and thanked me for staying with him and by him and be there for him. He thanked me for helping him and just going through this with him. I tried to explain to him that he did not have to thank me because I was doing what I wanted to do and was where I needed to be and that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Of course then I had to go into the whole thing about how my only wish is that HE did not have to go through this.... and then I promptly started crying. Oh well, it was a sweet moment and sweet reminder that our love is strong and that he is my heart and I have no regrets.

We did receive two blessings this week. We got one get well card with a check in it to help towards bills and expenses and then we had a donation made to the account set up to help with Mark's medical expenses! I am humbled and grateful how people rally around and help when they can.

Well, tonight is apparently a muscle relaxer/pain pill night as apparently I slept on my shoulder wrong in this chair last night. I am off to get hubby settled for the night and hopefully to get a few hours sleep.

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Teri, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the new antibiotics beat those infections and that you and Mark can finally go home. Even through tears you and he give each other strength because you are both facing this ordeal together. You support each other. I hope you can get some solid rest. *Hugs*


Oh, Teri, your last paragraph says it all. I hope you journey continues back to home soon. I like how you focus on what's most important: You're together. \r\n\r\nWishing you both good health and loving support. I'm so glad you keep us posted. We're thinking of you!!