And Then There Were Two


And Then There Were Two

Happy New Year?  Heard that phrase a few times, but not much.  Missed my black-eyed peas for New Years Day and every other traditional meaning went out the window never to return.   My days were filled with caregiving.  Mom needed additional help after hurting her shoulder while dressing a couple of days before the New Year.  Dad was gearing up for the honor he was to receive at halftime during the Sun Bowl.  He was being extra careful after the scare he had a few weeks ago when he couldn't find the strength to get up from his chair and walk.  He skipped his usual golf games and he rested.  He wanted to make sure he could walk to the middle of the field.  I would not be his escort as planned because I had to stay with Mom.  My brother and I kept a watchful eye.  I am focusing my attention on Mom and trying to keep track of Dad.  I was discovering how difficult it is to be a caregiver for two.

At halftime, Dad walked across the field with great success and received cheers from 46,000 attendees at the Sun Bowl.  What a great feeling.  He came home and said, "I made it!"  The worst was over and our fears never materialized for the Sun Bowl, but they did a week later when what we feared the most happened.  Dad fell.  He broke his hip.  He was in the hospital for four days and now he is at the Rehab Center.  I have never seen Dad after any type of surgery.  I wasn't there when he had his stents.  I wasn't there after his two knee surgeries, his broken ankle, or his trip to the hospital when his blood pressure was too high.  I was by his side after he called for us and yelled "I fell, help!"  I was in the bedroom taking care of Mom and he was walking down the ramp into the den when he slipped and fell.  It was mid morning and my brother was asleep.  We had just returned from breakfast at Sonic.

I had a break from the doctors, paperwork, and managing two carees when my brother and his wife (who is a nurse) arrived to relieve me.  My brother stayed with Dad and my sister-in-law stayed with Mom.  She caught my mother's emerging UTI with E-Coli and my brother kept Dad company, talked to the different agencies who will be involved with his care when he comes home.

I was able to go home on my scheduled flight home to see my husband and rest.  His response to the events, "It is what it is."  He has been very supportive.  Not sure how blessed I feel at the moment, caring for one, and  now there were two.

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Anita I am so sorry about your dad! I just saw this post. I’m sending you hugs and love and prayers


Oh, my heavens, Anita! What an upsetting start to the New Year you've head. I find these of kinds of falls to live in our memory for too long. It's traumatic for us as we constantly go over how we could have prevented what's truly not preventable. \r\n\r\nWishing you rest that truly helps you relax while you can.