And When Those Saints...Go Marchin' In...


And When Those Saints...Go Marchin' In...

"You're a saint", my friend commented last night, after I regaled him with my caregiving day. Don't we usually demur at that comment, cast our eyes down and humbly say, "The things we do for love".

Instead, I said, Yes, St. Jan, I like how that sounds. St. Jan the Long-Suffering. Maybe St. Jan the Patient? St. Jan the Faithful. St. Jan the Loving and Kind. All that good stuff I learned in the Roman Catholic Church growing up and then with my husband as he ministered to Presbyterian churches. I understand the implications of the word "Saint" from both the Protestant and Catholic perspectives, so I mean no disrespect here.

So what kind of saint might I really be in this caregiving scenario? St. Jan the Ever-Watchful. St. Jan the Flexible. St. Jan the Sleepless. St. Jan the Interpreter of Dreams and Visions.

And what kind of saint would I really like to be? St. Jan the Limitless. St. Jan the Ever-Gracious. St. Jan the Colorful. St. Jan the Grateful. St. Jan the Aware. St. Jan the Imperturbable! St. Jan the Fearless!. St. Jan the Sanitized! St. Jan the Hilarious!

We are ALL saints here. SO WHAT KIND OF SAINT ARE YOU?


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Love it! I've never aspired to be a saint - I may not make it through the canonization process.


hahaha -- My friends referred to me as the \"good daughter,\" but never a saint. I think they know me too well. =) Great take on the subject, though, St. Jan the Blogger!


I like how your mind works! What a way to shed <b> 'the light' </b>on the caregiver!