Angela Publishes Her First eBook!


Angela Publishes Her First eBook!

FruitsOne of our members, MissAngie (@angelaholmes) has published her first eBook!

"The purpose of this book," she writes, "is to show you that God gave you a fruit basket full of attributes as a Christian caregiver. These attributes equip you as a Christian caregiver to endure the worst of days with a sense of knowing that God is with you throughout your day. You can apply one or many of these attributes to any given situation and turn it into a positive.

"I'm not sugar-coating caregiving," she continues. "It's a very stressful and challenging job. Even when I don't feel like seeing the positives in a situation, a quick devotional reading or scripture does lift my mood so I won't be inclined to rip my hair out (or in my case take my wig off). I've included a few personal situations that I'm sure you can relate to. I'm not always Susie Sunshine. I'm a real caregiver and I feel your frustration. In each chapter I add a personal story and an accompanying scripture."

If you love Angela's blog posts, you'll love her eBook, which puts the spotlight on her wonderful sense of humor. In addition to writing the book, Angela designed the cover.

Angela has generously made her eBook available to us for free. Download and begin reading The Fruits of the Spirit for Family Caregivers.

And, if you enjoy her eBook, please feel free to post a review on Amazon.

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Rachel Hiles

I just found this and it is wonderful! I love these devotions. The Bible can be such a comfort and guide during caregiving. ❤️


Hi Pegi,\r\n\r\nThank You.




Congrats, Angie! :)