Annnnnd the Other Shoe Dropped....


Annnnnd the Other Shoe Dropped....

Smiley_green_alien_sick.svg.medI thought after my back and Mom's new injury, we would be ok for a while. Yeah, not gonna happen!!!

Thursday evening I was given a day lily plant for my birthday. I brought it in the house to show Mom and then I placed it in the sink to drain a bit before I took it outside. Well it slipped my mind and I got busy doing a myriad other chores and what not. I didn't notice that our cat had wandered away from my side.

I heard her bell hit the kitchen sink and I knew she was eating the plant!

I raced into the kitchen and sure enough, that is exactly what she was doing! Lilys are highly toxic to dogs and cats. I don't know how much she ate of even if she really ate it or just chewed it or what. Naturally we don't have a vet in town that is open or on call 24/7 and of course it is now 12:30am.

I called the emergency center in Vegas and they said I need to bring her in right now. I said it would be awhile as we live over an hour away. I felt SO guilty!!!! Panic started to rise in me as at this point I was exhausted and not looking forward to an hour drive in pitch blackness with my carsick and possibly dying furbaby.

We have had her for over 12 years and she is the love of our lives! I got ready and I told Mom that I needed her to come with me, I just wasn't strong enough to face any possibly touch decisions on my own. I felt horribly insufficient and weak not being able to do this on my own. I knew my limit and I was at it. I dragged Mom out of bed and into her chair and got her loaded into the car. She was in excruciating pain but she was a trooper.

Got our furbaby all loaded up and took off into the blackness of night. Thankfully in our furious drive in the desert we didn't hit any baby coyotes (they were everywhere). We made it to the vet's office and they rain blood work on her. The doctor wasn't convinced that she digested any of the leaves, but we have to recheck her in five days. They gave her fluids and some anti-nausea medication for the drive home. I was so relieved!

We drove home and pulled into the driveway around 4 a.m. I got poor Mom back into bed and our cat was happy to be home. We both decided to just go to bed. I wasn't feeling well and thought it was just stress and exhaustion. No, I couldn't be that lucky!

For four hours I laid in bed with chattering teeth, couldn't get warm, fever spiking, horrid headache, and stomach rolling. Finally at 8 a.m., I vomited and I felt a bit better.  But I think in the process I might have aspirated some of it into my lungs. The chills didn't stop and then my fever spiked. My lungs felt heavy and wet, like they did when I had bacterial pneumonia. I topped out at 102 degrees which is high for me since I normally run around 96 degrees.

My fever broke a few hours ago but my stomach is still rolling, my head is still killing me, and my lungs are still heavy and wet feeling. It has just been a very rough week! I am praying I am back on my feet very soon as I don't make a very good patient!  Anyway, enough of my complaining.

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I am sure we did make quite the sight if anyone were to see us! I forgot to mention that while I was in the clinic with our cat, I had left Mom in the car laying down trying to sleep. Well I left the keys in there with her in case she needed me she could hit the alarm and I could come. Well she and I both forgot that she can't touch the locks or the alarm will sound. So when I came out she tried to unlock the door only to realize that she couldn't open the door and the alarm started going off...very loudly! I was trying to yell louder than the alarm, instructions but she couldn't hear me...she finally wormed her way to the front and was able to stick the key in the was only maybe 3 minutes but seemed like an eternity - I was sure the cops would show up at any moment!!! Thankfully that didn't happen!!!


I just don't know how you do are amazing.