Another Doctor's Appointment Missed


Another Doctor's Appointment Missed

tile-214362_640(1)Poor Mama. I told her last night that we had a doctor's appointment today in hopes that if she didn't have much time to stress about it, we might be able to make it. But alas, no. This morning came with severe pain and paralysis. It worsened as the day went on until I was forced to cancel the appointment.

I am in fear that if we miss another appointment the doctor, out of spite, will once again stop all of Mom's medications. I will have to sweet talk my way around again. My heart just breaks for Mom.

Thankfully the paralysis in her arms has lifted.

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Hi LH--I hope today is an easier day for both you and your mom. Your tenacity will pay off!!


Hi Jean - I have been fighting for home health visits for nearly a year. We live in a rural town so it is tough. We do have nurses who come to draw labs, and we just got set up with palliative care so that is a start. Our main doctor is more than willing to come and do a house call but legally he can't. It is always a fight isn't it!