Another ER Visit


Another ER Visit

emergency_room_591This is why I hate thinking positive and letting my guard down about things. I end up in a hospital waiting room.

Marc had a series of seizures last night. Apparently, there was some random pressure on his brain (unknown why) that pushed his brain to the right. It caused an onslaught of seizures. Started with him not talking to me for two minutes, just staring or being incredibly slow to respond. Before he had a full seizure I had called the ambulance, thank goodness!

He had a full one before they walked in the door, he had one three in the ambulance and one in the ER. They had to air transport him from Sutter Delta Medical Center to Stanford Hospital. He was stable but since getting to Stanford has suffered another seizure.

They had him heavily sedated but took him off so they could see if he'd be okay with the increased dose of seizure meds. He also ended up getting aspiration pneumonia.

I have been here three hours and only talked to a doctor once. But I know his room and have heard them call for trauma support twice. No coded calls, though, thank goodness.

I am broke, hungry and angry. Thankfully, two of my friends added some money to my Starbucks card so I can grab a sandwich and coffee but I cannot do that until I see him.

They think they'll have to go into his skull and relieve the pressure but they are waiting until they have a conference call with all his MDs at 10 a.m. PT and make their determination on how far to proceed. At this point, I don't really feel like I have a choice but to let them do what they think they need to in order to save his life.

I keep hoping that every hospital visit ends up being his last because he walks out completely cured but I've been feeding myself that same line for over a year now. I am emotionally tired. I feel like I have absolutely nothing left and it makes me angry because he deserves someone who can continue to be strong for him but I feel so weak right now. And so alone.

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Casandra, I am keeping my fingers (and toes and eyes etc.) crossed, too. You may feel weak, but trust me, you are tough as nails and soft where it counts. Love your conversation with Marc. I hope good news comes your way. (((Big Hugs))) PS: I would be honored to add to your Starbucks card. Just let me know how.


Best Wishes, Casandra! Sounds like some answers to prayer at this point! (((HUGS)))

Casandra Porter

Finally got to see him. He opened his eyes and saw me and his heart rate increased so I said, \"Ooh! Somebody's in love!\" To which he giggled and said, \"You're alright.\" Then he went back to sleep. We all thought that was hilarious and typical Marc style. So, they are telling me after the consult today that majority vote says they don't want to operate just yet. BUT waiting on another MRI and Neuro consult before they give final yes or no. They will be keeping him a couple days regardless. Adding on meds to help control the seizures. His motor skills are great and he is responding well so they don't feel it is necessary to do anything just yet. The neuro team is going to take video of him after the MRI so all the other doctors can view his responses to the motor skills tests and how he's talking then they will make the final decision. I am hoping we won't have a surgery. It would be great. Meantime, I am off to meet the social worker to see about housing options for the next couple nights and see if there is anything they can do to help me pay for it. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed, as well.

Casandra Porter

I love you all for thinking of me but I have no cell. I couldn't afford to keep it. I wish I had. The person who brought me has one but he has left for a while and not sure when or if he will be back tonight. It's fine. It's just hard because this is the longest I've gone without being able to talk to him or see him and it's really freaking me out. I am doing fine for right now. Plus, it was just heartbreaking seeing him hooked up to a breathing machine, strapped down, and unable to move or talk to me. I keep thinking he was fine this time yesterday. We were laughing and watching movies and he was resting. I just hate that I don't know what happened and why. Love you much for just listening and being able to say how I really felt right now.


Oh, gosh, Casandra, I am so sorry. This must feel devastating, like a setback which has really set you back.\r\n\r\nCan you email me your cell number so we can have some WAIT Buddies check in on you?\r\n\r\nWe're all thinking of you and sitting right there with you.