Another Hospital Visit


Another Hospital Visit

hospital-207692_640Will this ever end???

Tonight I called the paramedics again. Mom's C. diff has ramped up since she completed her "treatment". Every day I have been watching her get weaker and weaker. Last night she wasn't even able to lift a light weight spoon to feed herself. She could only eat a bite or two and then was very ill. She was dizzy and couldn't get warm.

She was oh so weak--she couldn't even roll over on her own. I told her I was taking her to the hospital and she almost cried. She was too weak to even cry, it broke my heart! By this morning she realized that if we did nothing, she might die here in bed. I let her rest all day and this evening we decided to call the paramedics. Thankfully one of the guys had been here before and remembered how sensitive she was. I had put her on a sheet so they could just pick her up on that because she was just so weak, she couldn't even help transfer herself.

I followed behind the ambulance. They took her in one set of doors and sent me to the waiting lobby. I filled out the paperwork and waited to be let back into the room. I heard commotion and for the next hour I asked the lady at the front to ask the nurses if I can go back to my Mom. She refused to even ask!!!! Six times I asked her. I finally just started pacing in front of her window like a caged animal! Pacing back and forth, back and forth, staring at her, she was undaunted. I have dealt with her MANY times and she has NEVER been friendly to me or anyone else!!

Finally a nurse comes out and says I can go back now. Mom could barely talk, she was all discombobulated, she wasn't covered up properly and half of her shirt was off, and she couldn't tell me much except they were extremely mean and uncaring to her. They gave her some medication and injections but she didn't know what all it was, she had passed out but they brought her around with sternum rubs. That explained the crash cart in the room.

The nurse was "unavailable" to speak to me and for the next hour I waited to find out anything. Poor Mom was having severe restless legs, and so I offered to rub her feet. She HATES foot rubs but she was so desperate and her fire wasn't in her feet at the time so she agreed. I started to rub her one foot and she calmed right down.

Her pulse lowered and she started to breath a bit better. She ended up falling asleep! I rubbed her foot so much that her sock was pilling all over my skirt and the floor--last time I buy the fluffy cheap socks! The doctor finally came in and said her labs looked good--she might have slight pancreatitis. They gave her an anti-nausea medication script that might help with the severe abdominal pain. He said to keep pushing gatorade and fluids and call her doctor to see about another round of medication for the C. diff. He asked if I wanted her kept for the night and I said no, I just wanted to be sure she wasn't going to die at home. They gave her a full bag of fluids as she was severely dehydrated and then discharged us.

She said she was hungry so I got her some food and she is now trying to sleep. We are glad to be home and just want this C. diff gone!!!! Today was the start of detoxing off of her last medication!!! This is the scary medication--if we go too quickly, it can cause seizures and death. We love living life on the edge! Prayerfully this is the last complication of the C. diff and the detox will go smoothly and then I can finally have a good update!!!

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Thank you!


You juggle things so well, with amazing determination and calmness!! I love how you describe your crisis! I am praying that you will have an uneventful week. Your mom is so brave also to continue to go through each day, especially the detox, trusting you to make sure she is safe.


I don't know how you have the energy or focus of mind to take the time to share your experiences. Thank you for continuing to include us in your journey and fight. I certainly hope your mom responds to her treatments, her detox, her continuing to be able to stay home and be cared for by you. All your updates are important updates, and we look forward to when you can call them \"good'.