Another Step Forward


Another Step Forward

chocolates-566200_640So I last left off with losing the job that I re-entered the workforce after my caregiving for Daddy had ended. Kind of a slap in the face to someone wth a strong work ethic. But I had to move forward.

Since I haven't found a money tree yet, I have to keep going. If not for me, to keep all of the groceries bought, utilities paid, taxes paid, you get it. This past couple of weeks has taught me a lot, and gave me a few days to rethink things. Things that I want for me, things that I feel I need. I checked on my financial aid for school, I had already applied but hadn't heard anything from the college. Also, with that other job I had NO time to even think about these things. The only thing I could do was go to work and come home. It seems the school felt I had reached a "maximum time frame" with my education, and the only way they would accept my financial aid was if I appealed it. So over to the school I go to get the forms. One was for me to fill out, listing why there has been a delay (I filled the form up lol), and I also had to contact either my advisor (who was still out for summer), or a teacher in my program to write a letter regarding why the financial aid should be approved. I tracked down a teacher, whose office was in the middle of renovations and she dug out my records. She sent in her letter and I turned in my page and it was magically approved! So that's one thing down.

Also while doing this I was applying for jobs everywhere you can think of. Online, offline, in stores, at the college, hospital, you name it. A friend of mine asked me about working in a warehouse setting. I haven't done it, but it's not like I can't learn. Her husband is a supervisor for a company hiring not far from me but I had to apply through a temporary service. No biggie, I've done that before too. So I applied there and the next day they called. They need someone to tie ribbons and bows for Godiva chocolate gift boxes and baskets. Interesting, something new to learn, and doesn't seem like it would be quite as stressful as my last job was. Trust me, that was like a bad dream. So, yes I'm interested!

I went yesterday to complete paperwork. I know it is at least a 6 month assignment, may be permanent but not sure yet. Also, my work hours are great! First shift hours and off on weekends. Do I make as much money as I was making at the other job? No. Will I have the same worries I had at my last job? No. Will I have more time to devote to my family, home, church and friends? Absolutely!! I can still work on my room project (just finishing up my closet first), meet with the Young Adults at my church, and yes, continue to blog here with you all and hopefully catch up! I dissed the idea of another blog. I'd just rather still be here if that's okay.

I also will have time to work on my online classes, so much more. I feel like about a 50 lb. burden has been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel this is the right direction at this time for me. Could that change? Certainly, but I definitely feel better and more secure beginning this job than my last. I'll keep you posted. I've missed you all so much!!

Until then ~

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Dang! Working with chocolate, and Godiva at that!!! I am so envious!\r\nAlso, what an awesomely cool thing to be able to list on your resume, or offer up in reply to the standard \"what do you do?\" question from a new acquaintance!


This is awesome, Lisa!! You are incredibly resilient. \r\n\r\nKeep blogging here--it definitely helps others as they adjust to life after caregiving ends. I consider it to be a great win-win.


Congrats, Lisa. That's a giant step forward I'd say. I hear the enthusiasm in your voice and am happy for you. I hope the transition to the new job goes smoothly. Keep us posted how it goes.