Another Step This Caregiver Has Taken


Another Step This Caregiver Has Taken

sand-768783_640I administered a shot of morphine to my sweet Elsie last night. I am not the dark destroyer of the love of my life, but it is a fact that I am now something beyond anything we have had together in our time together as lovers, friends, and partners.

Remember my drug of choice was Alcohol and I know first hand the pain of addiction. Opiates represent the dark side of life to me. Yes, it is prescribed, yes it is to comfort her, but now I take the role of God a step higher. Last night she said that she was ready to give up for the first time. I gave her permission and possible even hastened the final journey and our time together.

I will stay calm, and carry on with the opportunity I have been granted. I will not falter in the execution of a sacred trust that begun with our wedding vow and the words “For Better, For Worse”. I will be there for her.

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Giving permission in a moment such as this, is very deeply moving and knowing the impact that the morphine brings, I can only imagine how tough a step this was. Bless you


Thank you for continuing to share your story with us here. Calling yourself a \"caregiver\" is such a humble thing. Rolled up in that word is a world of tender, compassionate expressions of love. I will be thinking of you today.


\"I am now something beyond anything we have had together.\" What powerful words. Stay strong.


Your love is so strong! And inspiring!


And, what a tough step to take.\r\n\r\nAs you say, you understand the comfort it gives her. And, yet, you also can't help but wonder about its impact. \r\n\r\nI'm sending you many virtual hugs, Don. I'm so grateful you keep us posted.