Another Update

It seems hard to believe that it is only a week and a half ago since I posted a blog. It has been a busy and exhausting week and a half. My husband is now firmly established in an in-home twice a week therapy schedule. Every Monday and Friday they come for an hour. This is paid for by Medicare, but they allow only so many visits. So at some point I am quite certain we will have to discontinue it for awhile. We also go out of the home to see a physical trainer on Wed. This we have been doing for awhile, and we pay for this ourselves.

Yesterday on Friday we also had a mobility specialist here from the Scooter Store. Hopefully Wayne will be getting one of their motorized chairs within the next four to five weeks. The mobility specialist brought along a chair which is something like Wayne hopefully will get and had my husband try it out. He also asked us a lot of questions.

It is hard to say how my mother-in-law is doing. She is doing a tad better than she was for a few days. We think she may have had an infection for a few days which made matters worse. After they put a Cather in her that seemed to get some better; and she perked up. She still is in bed all the time, eats very little, is often worn out, and is definitely terminal because of her cancer, however. My son and sister-in-law were able to get our ramp to work for Wayne to access her house with his wheelchair, and both my husband and I have been able to visit her a few times. I wish it could be every day, but I only have so much energy.

So between meeting my husband’s needs, visiting my mother-in-law and concerns for her, and other family things it has been a busy week and a half. I am trying to take care of myself also in all this, however.

Since my mother-in-law is doing a tad better, it looks like my sister and her husband will be able to come for a few days next week. I am so looking forward to this!

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