Another Victory!!!


Another Victory!!!

vegetables-790022_640We we have another victory under our belts!!

Mom and I have been praying and seeking the Lord about what to do with all of her health issues that are just being "forgotten" by the medical community that is supposed to be taking care of her. Eight days ago a friend posted a video on facebook about diabetes and how to possibly reverse it. I watched while taking notes. I talked to Mom about it and showed her the video. We prayed and felt that this was the answer we had been waiting and praying for!

We took action the next day! We threw out the American Diabetic Association guidelines for eating and created our own "diabetes diet". We cut down her carbs to between 30 and 35 per day (rather than 40 to 60 per MEAL according to ADA). No flour, no sugar (vastly reduced natural sugar), no grains, and no rice. Basically lots of veggies (which we LOVE) and meats and dairy. It has been seven days and we have seen VAST improvements in her colitis (down to 5 to 6 times per day, and she isn't in the bathroom for 30 minutes), we have cut her urination in HALF (from 24 times/day to 12 times/day), and both of those seem to be relieving the dehydration. She isn't bloated anymore, and, the best news, we have gone from a fasting blood glucose near or over 400 down to less than 250 in just a week!!!!

She had a bit of a "flu day" as the body adjusted without carbs but that has past and she is thrilled. I am doing this with her as well and I am feeling really good and I lost 6 pounds this week! I am sure some of that was pneumonia fluid (I can gain up to 20 pounds in fluid with pneumonia) but I am thrilled at any loss! I was able to jump on my bike and get in 15 miles while watching the movie "Brave" (recumbent indoor bike).

The doctor came today to do the IV and I explained about our new "diet" and asked if that is okay. He said great and that we are doing more than most with diabetes so he is happy and so are we.

I just had to share our victories with  you all since you have been witness to all of our frustrations and non-victories. I know hard times will come again, so we will just savor these victories when we get them!!

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Most would be surprised at what a difference lifestyle changes can make with our health. Doctors seem to be timid (or just too busy or unlearned) to recommend what is really needed. But like you found out, the information is out there, if you look in the right places. You are to be congratulated at finding a good source of information and embracing it so well. So happy it made a difference in your lives!


This is such wonderful, wonderful news!!! So happy for you both. :)


Thanks for sharing your victory....absolutely awesome!


Good news, indeed!


As a Type 2 myself, i was shocked when I went to so called Training the insurance paid for to find out, most of what the so called experts tell you to eat, goes exactly against what we know is wrong with our bodies. I have not been the best at following all I should be, but then my wife not being able to help me cook and prepare foods has been a challenge. Thanks for sharing the important info that you did.

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