Another Week and I Am Depressed


Another Week and I Am Depressed

Well,tulip-2080_640 it's Monday and don't really know what or why I feel like this.

Mom has some issues, but our CNA is wonderful to help. I went to our church to see if I could get a DVD of our pastor's sermons and then I found out they don't make DVD for the sermons. But I think I think I can figure out how to download it.

I cried at the church that they had forgotten about my mother who has been going to the church for 30-years plus. She has always been active an elder, deacon on every committee they have. She has always spoke her mind, she always been there when someone was sick no matter what she was doing. She has always been there. The excuses are all the same--we are busy, so many sick people, we don't really do home visits. And soon will come the big excuse--we have the holidays season coming up and we will be busy. I have heard all the excuses and I am tired of them. I hate Mom being forgotten by her friends.

I now know when something happens to mom, I will visit the sick and the ones in nursing homes.

It's been a few weeks since I have gotten so depressed about everything but like I tell everyone this too will pass.
Mom has two doctor's appointments this week and hopefully we will get some answer about things going on.
Good thing my granddaughter is spending more time with us; we're trying to potty training her. We haven't done this in ages--anew experience for us but we love it.

Hope everyone have a great week.

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I hit enter before I was through! I meant to say that the church I'm attending is the one where I have friends, and Dad is glad I made that decision!


It looks like a common thread among us is feeling the churches our carees attended have let them and us down. I feel the same way. My parents were members of the church together from before they were married and that was 58 years ago. Like your mother, my folks were always there helping. Visiting, sending cards, doing errands, whatever the need was. We've been without Mom for 5 years now, and I care for Dad 24/7 with the help and support of my daughter. We live maybe 5 minutes from this church. They now stop by 2x per year, once at Thanksgiving with a fruit basket, and at Christmas with a BBQ meal from the Christmas service. They don't even come in any longer and speak to Dad. I know they are trying to be good, but they could speak at least to him. I've always told them all they are more than welcome and the visits have stopped mainly because the few men that did visit are getting more feeble and can't continue to do that. It is so frustrating and I understand completely. In fact, Dad's health is better than it's been in a few years now and though Dad can't get out and go anymore (just too frail), I have been able to go to Sunday services with a friend if my daughter can stay with Dad. Reach out to your friends in the community, or friends of your family to see if they can help you. Some want to help but want to be asked. I know that's strange but that's how I've found them to be. Keep going, your family is so blessed to have you!


Hi Janet, I too have seen fewer folks from church visit Elly, my Grandma. She's 93 almost 94 and what I have observed is that most of the folks that were her friends (even younger ones) are in care homes, have died or can't get out very often. The folks that are my age are helping raise grandkids and serving in the church and taking care of their own elders. I don't think it's a church issue but a personal one since I have a young couple who come over regularly and even when I am not home to introduce their puppy to Elly! They think of her as Grandma and feel she is very important to them personally. I am ever so grateful! I used to do Senior Visitation until I needed to spend more time with Elly. Not everyone is comfortable visiting with elders :) Some get guilty consciences!!


Hope the party will go well and you get a huge dose of love from everyone who attends. Maybe some of the church folk might even come and get with the program. In the meantime, you have everyone on line pulling for you. Hugs.


I had a very similar experience as both you and Dawn in the comments_mysql regarding the church scenario. We're all in this together..hang in there! *hugs-across-the-interwebz*

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