Caregiving brings so many questions but delivers such few answers. You can feel like you're constantly chasing but never receiving.

Why can't you get answers to the questions that haunt: How much longer? Am I doing this right? Can I keep up? Why did this happen?

When questions plague, you can run a fever trying to find that reason, that explanation. When the search for an answer turns into an obsession that hijacks your day, rescue yourself.

You have wisdom and insights. Sometimes, you don't have all the answers. That's okay. Do what you can with what you know, adjusting and tweaking when you know more. Today, you can release yourself from needing all the answers.

Just like fine wine, some answers need time to breathe before they can be digested. When the answers are revealed, you will be grateful you put in the wait.

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Lillie Fuller

The answers are always there! Just not know when we need them the most!!!