10 Reasons Why We Appreciate Caregivers Every Day


10 Reasons Why We Appreciate Caregivers Every Day


On the third Friday of every month, we honor those who care on National Caregivers Day. Of course, we need to honor you every day and here's why:

1. Your work is critical, purposeful and life-changing. What you accomplish during one day in support of others is amazing.

2. You've earned a PhD in your loved one almost over night. Your ability to organize, evaluate, synthesize and implement means you can captain any ship.

3. You demonstrate courage every day by getting up and doing your best even when you often do not have what you need to your best. Without enough sleep, help and resources, you continue.

4. You stay while others scatter. Being fully present, day after day, during the emotional stress of caregiving is really, really hard. It's the reason why so many can't stay. That you can and do speaks so much of your strength.

5. The health care system cannot work without you. You are the health care system.

6. You keep the memories. You remember so that your loved one's legacy lives. You remember so your life lessons carry you forward.

7. You make life easier for everyone. You're the one who helps when another needs directions, whether it be in the hospital hallway or the grocery store aisle. You're the one who keeps the line moving by getting everyone organized.

8. You make life more comforting for everyone. You offer a hug to anyone in need. You offer encouragement to anyone in distress. You give hope.

9. You make life better for others who care. You advocate and educate about what it's like to be in a caregiving situation. Your insights ensure those walking behind you receive better support.

10. You care deeply in a way so many others just can't. Because of your compassionate care, you deserve a good day and a blessed life. Every day, I wish just that for you.

What would you add to my list?

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