As Promised


As Promised

guitar-468490_640As promised, I've uploaded one of my 'scratch-tracks' for you as family caregivers to use and to have available for your caree for relaxation. This song is, by no means, an example of my typical playing style. I wrote this song in a desperate attempt to have something relaxing for Yvonne to listen to in the evening and keep her mind focused on the music instead of pain, frustration, etc.

Someday soon, I will upload "Von's Song", until then enjoy "The Sands of Time."  For this track, I used guitar, bass, keyboard and my computer to create a relaxing track. However, there are very subtle variations in the chord progressions that I re-played, altered, re-mixed, or otherwise added various subtleties to in order for the listener to focus on the shifting music patterns.

You download the track and use it; however, I ask that you do not distribute it, sell it, or otherwise upload it to any other file-sharing service. This was written by a family caregiver (me) for his caree (Yvonne) and we are sharing it with you. Read that last entry as the standard FBI warning that you would find on any CD or DVD.

You will find the link below. If I've done this correctly, you should be able to save it to your computer or burn it to a CD or .mp3 player. Enjoy! :-)

The Sands of Time by John Parks-Coleman

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Google Drive's music player just told me there was an error. Grrr. Thanks for the offer to send it. It seems like too much trouble for you, though! Any other advice? I use a MacBook Pro and run OS 10.6.8. iTunes, which normally will play any mp3, Real Player, and Google Drive have all given me error messages. I'm using a Firefox (up-to-date). What browser settings should I be looking at?

John Parks-Coleman

<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@lilmagill</a> If I put it on iTunes, it will degrade the quality of the sound (even more than it already is). If you don't use Google+ you can still access it through Google Drive (both are free). If you still have issues accessing it, I will personally send you a copy through the mail. The file is too large to share directly through Caregiving ( <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a> makes miracles work with the server space that she has). Let me know if you are able to access it through your browser, after checking your browser settings, if you can't, send a PM to me with your postal address, and I will send you a copy once I get some more discs to record it.\r\n\r\n<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a> I am considering the opportunity that has presented itself to me; and, over time, I will write and record music specifically for Caregivers and Carees. In the near future, I will upload other tracks that I've previously written and recorded (again, scratch-tracks, not super high quality) and they will be available for y'all. I hesitate to upload some of the stuff that I've written, due to the particular scales that I use in my playing (in the 1700s I would have been burned at the stake for the \"Devil's Triad\"). I'll have to expand my use of the more common scales of the fret board in order to prevent unintended emotional effects that my particular playing style can have on the listener. If I'm leaving you wondering what it is that I'm speaking about, read about Toni Iommi and his playing with Black Sabbath. Gonna have to brush up on my listener-friendly playing ;-)


I really want to hear your song, but it didn't work. I downloaded it, but no program on my computer could open it - iTunes should have done it, but the file name ends in .mp3.part.


Wow!!\r\n\r\nHave you thought about creating an album of your music for family caregivers and carees? It's so needed.