Aspirin, Baby


Aspirin, Baby

medications-342463_640My mom was admitted to the hospital on Saturday night for internal bleeding.

It's been all downhill since then until this afternoon when they were finally (cross your fingers as you knock on wood) able to stop the bleeding.

My dad, who takes baby aspirin, encouraged my mom about 10 days ago to start taking baby aspirin. The baby aspirin caused an ulcer in her small intestine, which the doctor confirmed yesterday. She had a colonoscopy on Monday, which did not go well. She aspirated during the procedure, which they stopped. They also inserted a breathing tube, which they did remove yesterday afternoon. She had the colonoscopy again on Tuesday (with another prep on Monday night) and the doctor located the bleeding and added a temporary fix. She continued to bleed through this morning (which meant she received another pint of blood--her seventh--this morning) so radiology did a procedure to block the blood vessel.

The procedure, which happened this afternoon, was successful--the doctor is 90% certain that the bleeding has permanently stopped. If the procedure was not successful, my mom's only option was surgery to remove part of her stomach. Because of baby aspirin.

Oh, my gosh, it's been a nightmare.

I have a meeting in Washington, DC, tomorrow. I did leave this afternoon and am now in my hotel. I wasn't sure if I should go until this morning. My siblings encouraged me to go and to stay through Friday; I had added an extra day on my trip for sight-seeing. My sister said this afternoon, "Stay and enjoy yourself. You'll have plenty to do when you get home."

I did change my dad's ostomy bag on Sunday and again this morning so he's set. I did laundry for him last night and harassed his doctor about refilling his meds this morning. My siblings have a schedule in place to be with my mom and to help my dad.

My mom did comb her hair this morning and put on lipstick so she looked good for the radiologist. I spoke with her a few minutes ago and her spirits are much better now that the procedure is over and successful.

I'll share more about these past few days soon. I am so grateful for your prayers and good wishes. They kept me going!

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I'm so sorry for what your mother is going through. You, your mom and your family are in my prayers.


So glad you let us know what is going on, we all think of you as family and we worry about how you are doing as much as you worry and care about all of us. Your family is great to encourage you to do what you suggest to us all the time - taking care of ourselves and not losing ones self in our caregiving role. Enjoy DC and your Mom (& Dad too) are in my prayers. On a side note, it took about a week for my mom's blood transfusions to catch up to the blood loss after her last orthopedic surgery. Hope you hear reassuring news soon.


Thanks so much everyone! And, you are right @hussy--that's what they did. And, <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@lillie</a>, I'd pick you up at the airport!\r\n\r\nMy mom is still receiving blood which worries me. I'll keep you posted!


So sorry to hear about your mother's problem with aspirin but glad to know that she is doing better. Truly, there is always a possibility of a dangerous side effect with any a all medicines. Holding you and your mother prayer.


Thank you for updating us. We have all been thinking of you and your parents. Sounds as though interventional radiology saved the day. I can totally relate to this -- they could not get to my husband's April GI bleed endoscopically; radiation was the hail mary pass that did the trick. As Mar said, crazy to think that baby aspirin could precipitate such a serious problem in so short a time. Glad your siblings stepped up. You need and deserve a break. Enjoy your \"time off,\" especially your sightseeing. D.C. is all about sightseeing!

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