August 23 Gratitudes


August 23 Gratitudes

flowers-106579_640For five days this week, stop by and list a gratitude. When you share a gratitude every day during that five-day period, you’ll be entered into our raffle for a chance to win a $25 gift card.

Share your gratitude, below, in our comments section.

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Im grateful DH has been motivated to swim 3 days now.\r\nI love seeing him moving in the water, free of pain, smiling & enjoying it.

Jan Larsen-Fendt, RN, BSN

I am grateful for having had the time and physical proximity to help my father care for my mother, then, to help my Dad in the last months of his life. It wasn't always easy, but I'll always have the memories.


I am grateful for my daughter, who went with me to the post office today to return Grandma's latest torture device. The thing was bulky and somewhat heavy. Paula loaded it into the car, and shlepped it inside, because, as she said, I am \"a cripple with a jank foot!\"


I'm grateful that my boss is going on vacation. I need a break!


Today my mother had her CT scan in preparation for palliative radiotherapy. I am grateful for the lovely support centre nearby where I could have a quiet cuppa while waiting and to the kind girl who held the door so Mother could negotiate her rollator.

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