August 25 Gratitudes


August 25 Gratitudes

flower-367857_640For five days this week, stop by and list a gratitude. When you share a gratitude every day during that five-day period, you’ll be entered into our raffle for a chance to win a $25 gift card.

Share your gratitude, below, in our comments section.

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Incredibly grateful for a light-hearted dinner filled with laughter tonight. Dad seems to be more at peace now that he is on Hospice. I was able to take some pictures of him laughing too. Those will always be a treasure.


Today my mother needed an urgent blood transfusion. I am grateful to her wonderful doctor for organising it and to some lovely hospital staff for going out of their way to get her a bed quickly.


Today has been a fairly quiet, low-stress day. Hallelujah!!! I'm grateful for the peace.


I am very grateful that my husband, who has Lewy body dementia, is cooperative and still able to accompany me on most errands.


Grateful that in spite of everything, my wife and I always find ways to make each other laugh.

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