steps-388914_640At any given moment, you can feel your back against the wall. You're pinned, either by circumstance, words or news.

At any other moment, you can wish to have your life back, to have that spontaneous freedom, those simple worries, the future you once thought secure.

It's back-to-back; you're either losing ground or desperately trying to find your footing in this new ground.

How do you get back your steady stride?

You can't go back. And, that's okay. Your life, really and truly, is forward. Back there, you'll only find self-pity, remorse, regrets, resentments and bitterness. No matter how scary next feels, it's where you'll find what you need--your courage, your strength, your support, your answers, your comfort, your hope.

Take back your day. Take a step forward.

You're back.

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