Back from the Two-Weeks-of-Heaven vacation


Back from the Two-Weeks-of-Heaven vacation

Hi all,

After a 12-hour trip we are back in HOT Florida.We were making great time coming home and then out of the blue we hit a traffic jam at I10 and I295. It went from a 3 line highway to a 1 line highway and because of that we stood dead in traffic for an hour and a half so instead of getting home at 6:00 we got home at 8:30.

We got home and Mom was glad to see us and feeling good. I helped her get ready for bed, while doing that I asked her if she want to go to church on Sunday since it was our annual church picnic, but she said no and I said that's okay.

I did go to church, I didn't stay for the picnic I felt bad that Mom wasn't there.

I stopped to see my youngest brother and talk about Mom's car and how one of our nephews really needs Mom's car. The conservation didn't go well, I tried to have my brother see my view but I left because I was tired of him hollering at me. I got home and called my brother is GA and talk to him about the car as it's his son who needs the car. Him and I were pretty much on the same sheet of music. I then went back and talked to Mom about the car and that talk when down hill very fast. I came up with a deal after my mom said I am jealous of my younger brother. I laughed. My husband and I bought him a house that he pays minimal rent, I help raise his younger son and so many things that would take forever. I then send out to all my brothers email about the car and the plan mom and I had come up with. I also told my brothers how I love them and I don't want this stupid car to get way of our family love for each other.

I called my brother in GA again about another matter but what a mistake. My brother's wife was having a bad day so I got to hear about how rotten we had treated her and my brother and their son for the past 35 years. She was crying and I was crying and all of this because of a stupid car. After 30 minutes of her hollering at me I asked to speak to my brother and said I am sorry about the car and the only person I care about was my nephew who needs the car. My brother said give it a rest for a couple days and I said okay, but it still upset me talking to my SIL.

It's Sunday evening got to get ready for a new week.

Here is a picture of my nephew and his new friend up in NC.

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Sometimes I long for siblings, but I only want the kind that share everything fairly with no resentment about anything ever! I'm sorry you had so much turmoil over the car. But it's good that you had a good vacation and got home safely. :-)


I'm glad you had a heavenly vacation, and I hope you filled your mind and senses with beautiful memories that you can hold onto during the bumpy times. What a valiant job you are doing in trying to keep your family together and at peace. So...not...easy.