Back Online Again


Back Online Again

The last two weeks has been awful! I took a nasty fall and tore rotator cuff and strained back, been hurting awful, trying to get therapy appointments in. Of course with no help, Mom has to stay in bed while I'm gone. It's a royal pain the butt.

The reason I fell was went into attic to look for 1960's SuperGirl comic books to sell to help Mom, found them gone, evidently electrician stole them!!!! So we have a big fat mess. Our house is old and mom was scammed by guys who didn't finish plumbing tho paid, and electricians who didn't finish. We have NO bathroom light downstairs and upstairs developed a leak dripping down the staircase! I'm power of attorney now and called guys who charged $250.00 to figure where it was, they cut out our ceiling in stairway, big fat mess, and left pipes exposed, drain is bad, toilet seal bad, flange bad, toilet is shot! And priceless as it is, NO shut off in cellar unless whole house goes off, other plumbing guys never installed shut offs!!!! So they also found bulging pipes, bulging with water and rust ready to explode! Cost is well only $3,000.00! Mom does not have that money at all. We have little toward it. One relative donated some but we have to get this done. I'm thinking of selling the house but have to get to code with this mess first. I am hoping that we can get this done soon if those pipes go we are up the creek!

Always something! Our 20.6 year old cat is dying. She should be put down but I have no time and no money! The cat is complicating stuff by peeing and pooping all over so she's confined to one hallway of tiles but still! She was a stray my dad took in about 20 years ago. I feel so bad for the cat, she deserves dignity but $300 is a lot of money we don't have.

Our Christmas was sad. Seems sadness is a way of life these days. I gave Mom a robe and slippers and she gave me a blanket which I bought for myself. It was a sad day; we both cried a lot about the mess we are in.

Today is sad too would have been my dads 93rd birthday. We both miss him so much!

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Oh, gosh, why is it problems keep growing when things are already challenging enough! And yikes!... I know how painful back and rotator cuff injuries are... I'm so sorry. (I'm currently in PT after rotator cuff surgery).\r\n\r\nI've been in similar shoes during my caregiving years... It just SUCKS! No wonder tears are flowing... and during the holidays it seem to magnify all the emotions. I'm so sorry.


I am so sad, too, hearing about your holiday and your great difficulties right now. Thank you for taking the time to share. I can sure understand why you and your mom would be crying. I wish I could fix it all up for you.