Back to School


Back to School

apple-256267_640Last week was back to school for me at the college where I teach part-time. I teach English at a technical college, and I meet a lot of students who are going into a healthcare profession, often after being caregivers for their own family members. I have two classes this semester and most of the students are sweet and friendly. We're off to a good start and I'm grateful.  My son started middle school three weeks ago, and that's been a much easier transition for him than I had feared. He made some good friends in elementary school and has several of them in his classes, and that's helped a lot.

We haven't gotten any feedback from the neurologist's office about the blood work or the MRI. We have an appointment in November, so I guess we'll hear about then if I don't call. Surely if either test indicated a change in her treatment, they would let us know, right? I hope?

Tomorrow we're driving to a hospital an hour and a half away to see my cousin, Mom's nephew, who has just been placed in hospice. I asked if she wanted to go with me, thinking she might not - it's a lot of sitting in the car and a lot of walking, and both of those things are hard for her. But she decided to try it because she knows it might be the last time she'll see him. (I have no doubt she'll remember everything about this plan tomorrow. But she has no idea what my teaching schedule is, no matter how many times I tell her the two days of the week I go to work.) I'm nervous about the long drive and her not feeling well, physically or emotionally. But she said she wanted to give me company for the drive, which I thought was really sweet.

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Thank you all so much! The trip to see my cousin was very very worthwhile. Although he wasn't able to talk to us, we had a good visit with his daughter (my age) and her partner and were able to share their sorrow. We are blessed to have them in our family.


By now you've made your trip and are safely back home, I hope. Wishing that your new schedule brings some joy and variety to your life, and you feel comfortable as you meet new challenges.


Hi LM--I'm glad school is off to a good start for both you and your son. \r\n\r\nThinking of you and your mom tomorrow. I hope the trip is a smooth one so you can concentrate on making the most of your visit with your cousin. I know your visit will mean a great deal to your cousin.