Bad Day and It's Sunday


Bad Day and It's Sunday

My granddaughter and me. My granddaughter and me.

I got up this morning got breakfast and was in a good mood. My mom's mood was okay, I didn't know she was in a bad mood. My son texts me to tell me my granddaughter was asking for me which was not unusual since she asks for me all the time when she isn't here. What I didn't know he was on his way to my house with my granddaughter. We met in the middle of a road in our subdivision. He told me my granddaughter wanted to go to church with me, which I was happy for since I was giving children sermon today.

Well the fight with my mom begins. She asks, does she have nice clothes on? She had jeans on and long sleeves shirt, which look good on her. She did need her long red hair combed. Well my mom decided to let loose on me about how she is going to be a disgrace with my granddaughter looking like this. I hadn't gone far, so I decided I would go back and comb her hair. As we are driving, Mom and I are having a heated argument. I told her to leave my granddaughter alone. When I got home Mom got out of the car and went inside and she didn't go to church.

My hubby helped me with my granddaughter's hair and we left. Of course I was upset at church. I gave my part of sermon and left to go home. When I got home, my hubby said Mom went in her room and shut the door and stayed there for the day. We still are not talking. My hubby is going to go check at an assist living places and get all the paperwork on what is needed to get her in one. My hubby is tired of our house be in a uproar since Mom moved in. Mom thinks everything should be her way since she is 90 years old. She can say some real mean stuff and I tried to remember she has lost her home and her car, but my hubby and I have lost our life and our home so it's tough when mom and I get into it.

My fears are that we put her somewhere and I will get phone calls all during the day to come get her but I don't think I can back down about her not going to assist living place. I want to enjoy my days with granddaughter and not worry about what Mom is going to say.

I'm still upset with her and haven't talked to her except for a few words and supper.

Hope tomorrow will be better.

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Oh My Goodness, so sorry to hear your Sunday went so badly. I am glad your husband can take some steps to give you options to help keep your sanity! I know we would do the same, my AH would definitely do that! I am praying that the right solution will be found and the healing between your mom and you will begin even in some small way. Living without regrets isn't easy, I think I hear you saying that in this post! Amen.


What a lovely photo! I'm sorry your mother is being so difficult.


Bless your heart for still going to church and bringing a children's sermon when your heart and mind is partly elsewhere. God knows what's going on for you, isn't that GREAT? I hope you can work toward a solution for you and your family.


I'm so sorry that happened! You do deserve to enjoy time with your granddaughter without worry.


Hi Janet--I just love the photo!!\r\n\r\nI'm so sorry about such a rough day yesterday.\r\n\r\nHow is it going today?