dahlia-garden-61566_640Some days can feel like the ol' bait and switch. You get lured in, thinking all is going swimmingly and then bam! you can barely keep your head above the water.

Then the chastising begins. "I should known better," you'll tell yourself. "I should have known this day just could not go right."

And, so they day ends, with you feeling like the little fish that got swallowed up by the big whale.

Know that you are not life's bait being tossed out into a sea of sharks. What goes wrong in your day goes wrong for others, too. You're not being singled out, or punished, or tested.

You'll have truly difficult moments, often simply tragic. These moments aren't meant to bait you into self recriminations but nudge you into loving support. We connect to others in moments of joy and times of pain. And, those connections show us our life's purpose and meaning.

Life isn't baiting you. It's opening up for you.

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Not sure how much it's opening up lately as swallowing me whole. Feeling so topsy-turvy and not sure which way is up. Perhaps I need one of those \"this way is up\" signs on the front of my shirt. :/