rock-881858_640Somehow, we're supposed to balance caregiving responsibilities with everything else.

I often wonder, What really am I balancing?

Am I balancing who to make unhappy?

Am I balancing who to disappoint?

Am I balancing which life goal to skip?

Am I balancing which activity or hobby to let go even when I've let so many already go?

These questions show me a scale I will never balance. When it's an either/or, I'm destined to drop.

So, I think I will balance my desire to be my best with what I need to be my  best. I'm going to add "and" to my balance. I can keep what keeps me at my best and provide the best care possible to my parents.

When I stay balanced, my scale stays even.

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The definition of balance is a state of equilibrium. For me that means taking care of myself as well as I take care of my caree. I'm not saying I achieve equilibrium all the time (who are we kidding) but it is at least what I strive for.


Oh, for good balance!! Some days are easier than others to balance. I realize my frustration is usually because I feel out of balance or there are too many things out of balance that I can't control. I don't get crabby at other people tho' :)


I can remember feeling so frustrated when trying to balance my mother's independence with her safety. There were so many difficult balance concerns in the early stages of her disease. Now I see your point that the balance is really about me. If I can't find the balance I need in my own life, then I can't possibly find balance outside of it. Good point.