Five Days of Comfort: Balance


Five Days of Comfort: Balance

teddy-1113160_640They suggest we find balance.

It's the other balances that capture my attention.

I watch my mom, wondering how long she'll maintain her balance.

I watch my bank account, estimating how much I'll need to remain in balance.

Are these the balances they suggest we maintain? Because sometimes these balances feel out of my control, like they topple the scale flat on its back.

So, I work to balance worry with letting go, anxiety with faith.

Perhaps that's how my scale stays balanced -- with good measures of releasing and believing. They are the hugs I give myself.

How do you mange the worries? In our comments section, tell us about how you find a way to feel better. When you share a comment, you’ll be entered into a chance to win a copy of Take Even More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers. A reader says: “I am so loving this book! It is touching my heart like no other! This had to be written for me!!” Another reader says, “Your book is awesome! I would humbly suggest a title change: ‘Real Reflections for Real Caregivers’.”

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When worries pop up, I remind myself of what I have already been through, so surely I can manage whatever lies ahead.