A Caregiving Comfort: Battle


A Caregiving Comfort: Battle

Sometimes it's the battle with family members.

Sometimes it's the battle with the health care system.

And, sometimes, it's the toughest battle: The one with the couch.

The couch calls when life feels too awful, too hard, too unforgiving, too exhausting.

You want to crawl to the couch, plop under the blankets and stay there.

I'll just lay on the couch for the afternoon, you think. Because the couch feels so safe. It seems to protect you from life's hurtful touch.

You fall sleep that night with thoughts of the couch. I'll just go there for a little bit tomorrow, you think.

And, so it begins. You're in the clutch of the couch.

Who can blame you? The decisions on the couch can be made with the click of the remote control. The movements on the couch involve a turn from side to side. On the couch, life is easy.

Except the couch is not your life. The couch is a short-term respite. It's not life.

Turn to the couch to lick your wounds. Lay on the couch to find your rest. Use the couch for your battle reprieves.

Get up from the couch to life to find your life. You have a life. And while the bad parts feel awful, the good parts are well-deserved. You can face those bad parts. We'll provide the support. You can enjoy the good parts. We'll celebrate with you.

You've battled so much to get this far. Keep going.

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