This Fourth, Be Cool. Grill for a Family Caregiver


This Fourth, Be Cool. Grill for a Family Caregiver

When you care for a family member or friend with a chronic illness, your world gets smaller. And, so does your family member’s.

Family caregivers — these amazing individuals who care for a family member or friend — feel isolated in their role. They feel bogged down by their responsibilities, so much so that they struggle to find time to socialize with family members and friends.

And, their carees feel isolated because of their frailty or their chronic illness and disability.

It can be a very lonely experience for two people. Especially during a holiday. Because in caregiving, there are no holidays.

To help alleviate some of the loneliness, even for a few hours, encourages family and friends to visit with the family caregiver and caree in their lives this Fourth of July. Even better: Plan to hold a barbecue for the family caregiver and caree during your visit this holiday.

To help make the event a success, we’ve got a few tips for those family members and friends planning a barbecue:

  • Contact the family caregiver as soon as you begin to plan your visit. Ask the family caregiver: What time is good for dinner? How long should I plan on staying? Often, a family caregiver and caree are tied to a schedule based on care needs, medications and endurance levels. Be sure to keep in mind their schedule when planning your visit.

  • Bring flowers — they will be a reminder of your visit in the days that follow.

  • Keep in mind the purpose of the visit is purely social. Problems, concerns, issues should be addressed at other times.

  • Reminisce with your caree; this is a great opportunity to learn some of your family’s history.

  • Encourage the family caregiver to sit and relax. Assure him or her that you will take care of the details.

  • Appreciate the inner workings of the relationship between your caree and your family member who provides the care.

We believe Grill for a Caregiver is a great way for the family to get together, even if only for a few hours, to enjoy each other’s company. And, the family caregiver gets a break from cooking!

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Additional Resources

Grill for a Caregiver is one of six Family Caregiver Awareness Days has developed; Kiss a Caregiver, Cook for a Caregiver, Job Jar Day, Bring Flowers to a Family Caregiver, and Labor Day Break take place during the year. Through these days, hopes to create awareness of the family caregiver role within the community and within the family. We also hope they create opportunities for other family members to get involved. For more information, email Denise at

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