Become a Certified Caregiving Advocate!


Become a Certified Caregiving Advocate!


You probably had an experience during caregiving you wouldn't wish on another. As a result, you want to be the change so that others experience a better caregiving experience than you.

The time is now to create an impact that improves the caregiving or after-caregiving experience.

You are just the person to be that catalyst for change.

We want you to be successful in your work to make that change. Our Certified Caregiving Advocate™ training program arms you with what you need to start an effective movement for change. During the one-hour training, I help you:

  • Determine your mission

  • Find your focus

  • Set your course

  • Launch your movement

I share what I've learned since launching my first movement in 1995 -- to ensure that all family caregivers are considered experts. From this movement, I created:

  • one of the first publications to feature family caregiver stories in 1995

  • one of the first radio shows to feature family caregiver stories in 1999

  • one of the first podcasts to feature the stories of family caregivers in 2008

  • one of the first websites to feature family caregivers as bloggers in 2009

  • the first national caregiving conference to feature presentations from family caregivers in 2016

You can learn about this training (and our other training programs) by watching this video which gives an overview of our caregiving training programs.

When you complete the CCA training, you'll feel confident to launch your own movement to make a difference. Our one-hour training is on-demand which means you can complete it when you have the time. When you watch our one-hour webinar and pass the exam, you become certified. You'll receive a certificate, logo and the insights you need. Most important, you'll be connected to our community of fellow advocates for inspiration and good company.

The cost to take our training is $49.95. However, if you join our Caregiving Co-op for $49.95, you receive access to our Advocacy training at no charge. As a member of our newly formed co-op, you'll also be able to enjoy discounts on other products and services that we add.

In addition to free access to our Advocacy training, you also currently receive the following deals in our co-op:

1. Save 20% on our Certified Caregiving Facilitator training.

2. Get free access to the following courses:

    • Beginning Again After Caregiving Ends

    • You're the CEO: Leadership Training for the Family Caregiver

    • Accepting Caregiving and Finding Your Power Four-Week Class

    • Finding Joy Four-Week Class

    • Making Way for Wellness Four-Week Class

    • Setting My Limits Four-Week Class

Choose your option, below, to enroll only in our CCA Training or to enroll in our Caregiving Co-op to receive free access to our CCA training and other deals.

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how do members of the co-op access the training for free?