Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs


(Editor's Note: We welcome Jenn, who cares for her mom to our blogging team today. You can connect with her on her profile page: @jnuss1505.)

This week is especially bad.

My mom has been unable to go to adult day services and I have been unable to take a break.

Sometime in the last few months, either a caregiver or a cleaning crew (people I hire to help me) brought us a female bed bug. I have spent the whole week vacuuming, drying and washing all clothes and textiles and bagging them before the exterminator comes. Honestly, bed bugs were a childhood myth for me. The prep for extermination and the de-cluttering and prevention measures are a little much for me right now. It is working, but I am exhausted.

This routine is on top of all of the everyday chores I already do that I feel I cannot keep up with. Now I am afraid to have support staff come in because of this incident. But I am ready.

Beware of bed bugs. They do exist.

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Oh, I'm so sorry! What a disaster! It does sound like an enormous amount of work for you. I hope writing about it here is helpful. You can always find sympathetic ears here, I think.


Bless your heart, Jenn, if you even have a minute to sit down and read the responses to your blog post. My heart goes out to you big time. I had a flea infestation and a battle with ring worm, both of which I'd never like to experience again and I'm sure it's nothing compared to what you're going through, especially with everything else you do for your mum. So ironic that bringing in a caregiver to help you brought even more work. Do you ever wonder if the laundry would just disintegrate from all the washing one day? I fully understand how you can tell your mother not to do something and she doesn't get it and does it anyway. I will be thinking of you today as you find the strength to get through what you need to accomplish. We are glad you joined us here.


Yuck, that's awful to find. So sorry to hear, a lot of tiring work for you. Hope you're bug free soon!