Before the Christmas Holiday Catch-Up


Before the Christmas Holiday Catch-Up

Awesome Hubby and I had a lovely Thanksgiving week getaway. I was able to cook a nice Thai dinner for Uncle Bob and his family. Visiting with Arizona Son and wife and their Fur/Feather kids was delightful. LivingRoom Son flew in so we could all be together on Thanksgiving too.

Luna and Me! Snuggling with a Cockatoo Grandchild Luna and Me! Snuggling with a Cockatoo Grandchild

During this trip together, LivingRoom Son shared some of his thoughts and plans for the next year which bring events to look forward to this new year. The three of us took in a visit to Joshua Tree National Forest and Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor before we made the final trek home.

Meanwhile, back at the house, who knows what went on! I didn't worry about anything since my two sisters were in charge. :) Elly did sustain a nasty gash in her "bad" leg from the dishwasher door the morning before Thanksgiving. There is still blood oozing  from the spot two weeks later but Elly is "Fine, just fine!" NurseySister says we just can't protect her from everything and did notice how bored Elly seemed to be while we were gone. Elly did not seem real excited to see us but was happy we were home.

This week I am encouraging Christmas decorating. Elly didn't do much last year and I had to push her for the things she did put out. We are having quite a cold snap this week so I am patient as she is moving slower. We did get a wood tree put up and some decorating in the TV Room. We are still trying to decide on my side of the family's Christmas get-together date - this is the part I really don't like! Choosing the date shouldn't be so hard.

I am done with work for the Christmas break so I am looking forward to being home and getting some inside chores done as well as some baking. Awesome Hubby and I do have a three-night date at the ocean during my first week off so I will get the trailer ready for some camping time. "The Sisters" will be in charge again. LivingRoom Son will also be around to check on Elly during dinner times.

I am working at talking myself into enjoying the season. I do have a peace about my life right now and I am doing much better being patient with Elly. I do desire more privacy, like being in my own house and my own stuff. This feeling is stronger now more than ever but not overwhelming, just more noticeable. Maybe I am just getting antsy in anticipation of some changes coming in the New Year.

One of Three Grandkitties, Tonks is her name. One of Three Grandkitties, Tonks is her name.

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EG, I love the photos, especially the one of you and Luna. I see joy and serenity there. Very glad you had a chance to recharge.\r\n\r\nWishing you and yours peace now and in the New Year. (((Hugs)))