Begin Again


Begin Again

road-908176_640In one of my other posts (Tough Decisions), I wrote about deciding to no longer take care of my grandmother anymore.

That was almost a year ago. Now I'm ready to get out there. My aunt is in the process of finding other care for grandmother. I have revised my resume and have started to send it out.

My mom also has agreed to care for my grandmother while I visit my father in Mexico for a week. I haven't visited him in almost 15 years and I get to meet my little brother who's 8.

There are so many changes going on I'm nervous but so excited at the same time. I know I haven't been participating lately but I think about you all often and just knowing you're out there brings me a lot of comfort and support. Thank you all and I hope you'll come along for this new journey.

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Great to hear from you. It can seem scary, it did for me, when caregiving ended. I'm glad you are getting chance to travel to see family. And I wish you well on your job hunting... remember, you've gained so much from caregiving... it's made you a stronger person, persistent, multi-tasked, patience, etc... many skills and assets that employers would die for.


Hi, Yolanda! Great to hear from you again. Lots of changes for you and many for us, too. Thank you for including us in this next part of your story, and know we're here and interested in being a part of it. Safe, healthy and peaceful passages ahead.