boat-681888_640I feel I am behind.

I'm not behind by five minutes as if I'm running to catch a train which leaves on time. I'm not behind by a day in returning phone calls or following up on commitments. I'm not behind by a week in cleaning the house, my car, the refrigerator.

I feel like I'm behind by a lifetime. I'm behind in saving for retirement. I'm behind in reaching my career goals. I'm behind in achieving my life's dreams.

Caregiving can feel like it steals your life.

How do I catch up?

I don't catch up by rushing or speeding or charging. I don't catch up by worrying about past decisions, fretting about past actions, obsessing about past setbacks.

I get back on the time table by just starting where I am. And, when I look at where I am, I see I'm in the perfect position.

Now is the perfect time to focus on what I have right now. And, in this moment, in my present, I have resources, ideas, possibilities, support, initiative and chutzpah.

I haven't lost a lifetime. I've gained opportunities of a lifetime just waiting for me to act.

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Very inspirational...


<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@worriedwife</a>, so true! I have to laugh when I think about what \"behind\" used to mean.


Ohhhh, Denise. That's so ME TOO! Thank you for that lovely thought before I shut down this computer and ponder that as I (hopefully!) at last go to sleep.


I was feeling a little panicked in my gut when I first started to read this. Oh no! Fearless Leader falters! As though you aren't allowed to have feelings like the rest of us! Ha! Only because you've walked the walk, can you give us your arm to help.\nThis post works for people who aren't caregivers, too, but young people pressured by today's standards to meet unrealistic goals. Thanks, Denise.


Thanks Denise! This is what I need to hear over and over.

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