hikers-913273_640Behind the smile grieves your silent tears.

Behind the bravado lies your trapping self doubts.

Behind the action lives a desire to hide.

Behind the decisions weighs the heaviness of responsibility.

Behind it all, you wish and hope and pray.

Although pain seems to be behind your day, you still can wish to stay behind. Because what's in front of you seems so much worse.

You are strong enough to face what's ahead of you. Don't look behind, look ahead. You can't see it, you can't feel it, you can't know it. You can, though, trust it. You'll be okay. We know you will because we wish and hope and pray all good things for you.

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I wrote yesterday just to try to make sense of my life but ended up posting it in the wrong place, it landed up in my introduction to myself bit when I became a member. Each day of this caregiving just gets more and more difficult. I just hope I manage to make it through to the end. Warm wishes to everyone...


Your timing is so perfect - this is exactly what I needed to hear (read?) tonight. I am so weary... thanks for the nudge of encouragement.