Join Our Caregiving Support Benefit


Join Our Caregiving Support Benefit

Managing the care of a family member and the responsibilities of a career call for meaningful solutions and support. According to research from, individuals who care for a family member with a disease, disability or chronic illness (family caregivers) rate their stress as 4.14 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most stressed. In addition, 62% of working family caregivers worry about whether to quit their job because of their caregiving responsibilities.

To help family caregivers manage their responsibilities and priorities, has launched a Caregiving Support Benefit to serve any family caregiver, including those who also work.

"I would love a support group," shared a respondent in our most recent Working Family Caregiver Survey. "Caregiving can be so isolating and there must be others in the company going through what I'm going through."

Caregiving Support, a voluntary employee benefit and a direct-to-consumer solution, offers confidential monthly small group discussions with Certified Caregiving Consultants™, individuals who cared for a family member and have completed our specialized training. During the small group discussions, family caregivers will connect to support, resources and insights to help them cope and manage their responsibilities and priorities.

Throughout December 2019, family caregivers can enroll in our benefit through for a monthly cost of $19.95, a $5 savings. In addition, those who enroll in December will receive our Caregiving Comfort and Courage PDF Pack and can join our Caregiving Co-op for only $19.95, a $30 savings.

Benefit participants can also tap into additional support including:

  • 20% off one-on-one consultations with Certified Caregiving Consultants.

  • an annual consult with a CCC to complete a Family Emergency Plan, which helps the working family caregiver put a plan in place to manage the potential crisis. These important consults will be available after January 1, 2020.

After enrolling, you'll be directed to your Benefits page. Once there, you'll find instructions to:

  • Complete our one-minute survey.

  • Visit our CCC Provider Network to select a Certified Caregiving Consultant (CCC) who matches your needs

  • Click to schedule a time to connect with your CCC. During your 30-minute consultation, your CCC will get to know you and schedule your monthly workshops.

  • Learn how to save 60% when you join our Caregiving Co-op.

  • Download your Courage and Comfort PDF Pack.

You can enroll in our Caregiving Support Benefit, below. (Want to offer this benefit in your workplace? Contact Denise at denise @ for details.)

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