moon-Omas-penWe want to give our life our best. We want to be at our best, to create our best, to do our best.

But, how can we give our best when life seems to give us our worst?

During a time that feels like the absolute worst, I think life wants us to soak in the best around us. Life wants us to be in nature, watching the SuperMoon with amazement. Life wants us to appreciate what others create, which will become our inspiration for another day. Life wants us to read what others write, grateful others can express our worries and heaviness when we can't. Life wants us to listen to music which soothes our soul. Life wants us to observe others, taking note of their graciousness so we can borrow a bit when we need it. Life wants us to learn from others who overcome so we can map our path to better.

When when we're at our worst, life gives us its best. At your worst, be in the beauty of the best of nature and others. When life turns around for us, we'll be our very best, which will be just what those behind us will need.

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A cool cup of water to a thirsty soul....thanks Denise.


Nice Denise and thank you for that avatar pic does it look ok on your end? il