coffee-690349_640Ahhh, I am feeling better this morning. I have been able to get out and teach my music lessons the last couple of afternoons (better than therapy), and attended a presentation by my son's OT on sensory processing disorder last night, and probably most helpful to me personally was the 30 minute walk I took by myself yesterday. We live near a quiet dirt road full of the sounds of nature and sometimes curious horses. Ahhhhh......

The presentation about sensory processing disorder last night was good because not only did it give me some great ideas to help my son as he heads into his teen years (I can't believe it!) but also showed me that my instincts in what we have been doing are spot on.  It was very validating and encouraging!

One thing we've gotten better at is recognizing when something is not working for us. Scouts was definitely not working for our son in the beginning of the year.  Hearing impairment is an invisible yet potentially socially devastating disability and his troop leaders and fellow scouts were not interested in learning about it. Our son was coming home from every camping trip in tears and ultimately we were concerned for his safety so we removed him from the troop. Thankfully, we found a wonderful new troop who has been very responsive and our son has found his confidence again. In fact,  he went on a weekend camping trip and went rafting! And an added bonus is that his meetings are 10 minutes from my mother's nursing home,  so I get bonus time with Mom!

As for the house,  when it rains it pours and we ended winter with a hole in the roof, a hole in the bathroom floor, a clogged sink, a leaky toilet, an oven that does not work, three broken doorknobs and now a lawnmower that won't start. But bit by bit,  things are getting taken care of. Our roof is fixed, the hole in the bathroom floor is repaired and our handyman is coming today to lay new flooring and put in a new toilet and hopefully take away the old toilet that he left on our porch. Yes,  we have a toilet on our porch. Ha! At least I can laugh about it today! And we have a small yard so we ordered a light little electric cordless three in one mower/trimmer/edger which should arrive today.

So today is about doing a sprint through the house to pick up,  delivering some Avon which means time face-to-face with a friend,  grocery shopping, setting up some appointments and, thankfully, my husband is beginning to feel better and wants to get up and about. Hurray!  But it's all starting off with a leisurely cup of joe. Ahhhhh.....

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Hi--I love reading about your son. I think it's awesome that you decided to try a new Scout troop. It's also fairly courageous because it could have been like the other troop. Thank goodness for a much better experience. I'm so glad the troop recognizes that they receive more from your son than they will receive.\r\n\r\nAnd, good for you, for tackling all those repairs. A list like that makes my stomach hurt. :( I love how you to keep going so that you can get to where you are now.

Lillie Fuller

thank you for sharing! sounds like things are picking up and looking on the bright side!


So nice to read that you found the \"right\" troop for your son so he can enjoy camping and rafting!


So many plates to spin, so little time. Your husband, your son, your mom, your house, your yard and you. Sounds like the plates are all up in the air right now, so good for you. Thanks, Ed Sullivan, for showing us that plate spinning is a fine art. Thank you for sharing your day. \r\nToilets on porches make me think of the movie, \"The Help\". That was pretty funny, too.


Ah, Psh....gotta have that morning cup o' joe myself! I hate all of those endless repairs and fixes we face in maintain a secure warm or cool house....goes with the plan, I guess, but aggravating for sure. I identify with your teaching piano...I, too, have taught...rewarding. Don't anymore, had to stop when it interfered with my regular job hours that changed. So nice to hear you've had time for yourself...we all have to have that. Since things are picking up, here's to you doing just the same!!! Hang in there..we'll make it, one day(moment) at a time! Thanks for sharing yourself!\r\n\r\nAngie :)