canim-lake-50095_640When life takes so much out of you, it can be hard to think beyond the next task waiting for you. Beyond the next doctor's appointment. Beyond today.

Because you can't think or see or feel beyond, you can feel stuck in time, moving sideways or backward but never forward. What's worse is that you know time moves because you watch others in your life move through their time--taking vacations, getting promotions, attending parties, readying for retirement.

When beyond feels like a bust, how do you get past it?

The irony of a tough time is that as you look for outward action, the true movement happens internally. Your feet don't move but your wisdom, smarts and skills do. Even though you feel like you're standing still, you're moving because you're gaining by advocating, resolving and pursuing.

Some day you will see beyond these days and see the set-up that waited for you. You didn't move but your life moved you. When your life brings you to that place of acknowledgement and awareness, you'll be moved beyond your imagination.

Beyond waits, just for you.

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Yes! You are so right! I have trouble at times keeping this all in perspective but my heart truly believes in Hope, Peace and looking Forward to what is next in this adventure called life. I am convinced this would be harder if I was caring for my spouse and not my Grandma at age 93!


Ms. Bates: How do you stay so positive? I mean I am curiously envious! All I can do is think that I cannot wait to be beyond..........although, that will probably be when Mom passes and I will miss her.........


That's beautiful, <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@dbates</a>.